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About Us

G&L_front_bldgG&L’s proprietary tubing technology is well known in the tubing industry. In 1982, our founder, Robert Gilreath, laid the foundation for the company’s success by developing a quality culture and the basis for manufacturing precision tube making equipment, produced right here in Cookeville, Tennessee.  The result, tubing produced with outstanding quality and consistency to an industry leading tolerance of +/- .002 inches.


G&L produces its own tube mills, straightening equipment and cutting machines. In addition, all tooling for G&L’s product range is produced in-house, along with all tooling maintenance procedures and processes.  G&L is also able to produce coiled tubing for all of its sizes in both loose coil and level wound.


In 2010, G&L opened its own production and warehousing operation in Nanjing China in order to provide exceptional service to customers in a growing Chinese tubing market.


G&L is ISO 9001:2008 certified.  Click here for certificate.  G&L continues to invest in advancing its quality culture with the acquisition of state of the art equipment and software to ensure continually improving quality product.  Our machine operators must pass prescribed tests, both oral and written and at the line, in order to achieve the status of certification at G&L.