G & L Tubing

Tubing with a Difference


tubes1_largerG&L produces a wide variety of tubing to various ASTM standards to suit your particular product application. Tubing is produced to tolerances which surpass industry expectations and provide a consistently high quality fit to your end use application. A review of our various product offerings will provide the specific information needed to select the right G&L tube for the success you need in your product application.

Kanban Delivery

Square2G&L provides its larger customers with a “release” driven method of delivery by drawing down from finished goods inventory, specifically identified tubing products which are held for those customers. Some people call this kanban or “pull” manufacturing.

Once a customer’s release has been shipped, G&L’s manufacturing and scheduling personnel immediately go to work to replenish the inventory draw so that the company is ready for its customer’s next set of requirements.

G&L designs each kanban according to the needs of each particular customer by studying part number variations, SKU information, High/Low information and seasonal trends.

The result, a signed kanban supply agreement, which fits every customer’s needs and anticipates their ongoing requirements.


Cut to Length

round4G&L is able to provide a variety of cut ends to suit your product needs. This is achieved either in-house at Cookeville, TN or in conjunction with the broad portfolio of cutting specialists who partner with G&L to satisfy your cut end requirements.

Cut type: Score & break, Straight Cut, Deburring